My Vatican adventures in retrospect

I have very few memories of my short trip in the Vatican. I was there in the Spring of 2007, with a group of students and we were in a hurry because we had a lot of sights to see that day, so it was all a big run. I will try to sum up my memories in a few points. I remember:

  • we had to wait in line for two hours in St. Peter’s Square, even though we were there early in the morning
halfway through St. Peter's Square

halfway through St. Peter’s Square

even the fountain became interesting

even the fountain became interesting

..but still pretty far

..but still pretty far

  • a bodyguard pulled me aside from the group and told me he wouldn’t let me in if I didn’t cover my shoulders (I was wearing a simple top)
the Basilica

the Basilica

  • after the eternal wait we got through everything very quickly, with very few photos at the end
creepy - inside St Peter's Basilica

creepy – inside St Peter’s Basilica

  • we were in a huge crowd, so I couldn’t see much, considering I’m 1,58m (5 feet 2)
  • I did get to see The Creation of Adam fresco, no picture though (it was awe-striking!)
  • I couldn’t wait to get out, because breathing became suddenly very hard in the crowd of nosy men and women

A few more photos:

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica

Flowery Square (almost at the entrance)

Flowery Square (almost at the entrance)

posing with the Dome in the background

posing with the Dome in the background

Sadly, this is kind of it. I do hope to get back one day, and see it at a more okay pace, though.

Was it crowded when you were there too?

3 Responses to “My Vatican adventures in retrospect

  • jeseris
    6 years ago

    We were so lucky – there was no line and hardly any people when we were there!

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